A collective voice for engineering contractors

BCECA has provided a focus for intelligence gathering and knowledge sharing for more than 50 years. Our membership includes many of the world’s most widely recognised and respected engineering contractors.


We lead, shape and drive discussion with decision makers in important policy areas, including skills supply, training, regulation and taxation.


BCECA is a discrete and trusted network that provides knowledge, intelligence and influence for engineering contractors who do business within the process and energy sectors.
BCECA driving discussion

BCECA leads, shapes and drives discussion

The policy landscape for engineering contractors is complex.

Brexit and potential restrictions to the free movement of goods, services and skills won’t make things easier. Contact BCECA to talk about your legislation and regulation challenges.


supporting the skills pipeline

BCECA supports the skills pipeline

A sustainable supply of engineering graduates and technicians is needed to secure the contracting skills base in the next decade. Competition will be keen; good people may become harder to find and more difficult to retain. Contact BCECA to talk about your skills issues.


BCECA engagement

BCECA engages within industry

Considered opinion and collective influence gives our member companies a stronger voice.  We work to ensure that the views of engineering contractors are understood across the process industries. BCECA also connects with the fuel and power generation sectors. Contact BCECA to talk about our industry-wide networks.

For an informal conversation about the benefits of BCECA membership, contact our Chief Executive, Tracey Shelley, on +44 207 0918652 or email admin@bceca.org.uk