Key issues

Current priorities

BCECA’s Council continually assesses the challenges facing the engineering contracting sector.

Current areas of concern to member companies include:

IR35 and compliance with off-payroll working legislation

In July 2019 HMRC released its response to the consultation, Off-Payroll Working Rules from April 2020. The new rules require private sector companies, which engage workers via a personal service company, or other similar intermediary, to undertake checks to determine whether the worker should be treated as an employee or as self-employed for tax purposes.

BCECA is working to secure a sustainable approach to achieving IR35 compliance in the engineering contracting sector.

The impact of Brexit on the free movement of skills, goods and services

Whilst BCECA did not take a position on the EU Referendum vote in 2016, member companies are concerned at the political and economic uncertainties arising from the range of Brexit scenarios.

BCECA is working to secure stability and certainty for engineering contractors in an environment where the movement of labour, goods and services may be affected post-Brexit[TS1] [AF2]

The future of the skills pipeline for engineering contractors

In 2018 Engineering UK, a non-profit organisation, which works in partnership with the engineering community, projected an annual shortfall of up to 59,000 engineering graduates and technicians to fill core engineering roles, with around half of engineering employers reporting recruitment difficulties. The engineering contracting sector suffers from low visibility and recognition of BCECA member companies is limited amongst engineering undergraduates.

BCECA is working to highlight the importance of the engineering contracting sector and its career opportunities in the UK

New input and thinking are welcomed. For an informal conversation about the challenges facing your organisation, contact our Chief Executive, Tracey Shelley, on +44 207 0918652 or email
Contractors at Petrofac
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Current projects

BCECA’s current projects and work programmes include:

  • Regular salary surveys and intelligence sharing on the state of the global order book
  • Case studies and good practice reports in SHE performance and CSR
  • Annual visits to engineering departments at selected UK universities
  • Setting training standards and developing employer focussed programmes
BCECA may have a project that aligns with your organisations requirements. Find out more by contacting our Chief Executive, Tracey Shelley, on +44 207 0918652 or email

Recent success stories

Training levy

Through its representation on the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board’s (ECITB) council, committees and working groups, BCECA provides valuable intelligence, which supports good decision making. This constructive engagement resulted in positive changes to Training Levy rates for in-scope employers in 2013 and 2016.

Close working with the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education led to the development of a new Level 4 Apprenticeship Standard in Information Management.

Immigration and skills

BCECA responds to consultations and talks with government, ministers and parliamentarians on matters of current concern to the sector, including immigration visa requirements, apprenticeship levy and off-payroll working. This activity has seen some success.  Working through Newland Chase Solicitors, BCECA secured significant concessions to the Tier 2 visa arrangements, thereby making it more straightforward for member companies to bring essential skills to the UK for project start-ups etc.

Professional development

Through collaboration with several Professional Engineering Institutions, BCECA continues to shape the development of learning outcomes from undergraduate degree programmes and the professional formation of process and energy engineers. This ensures that graduate learning outcomes and routes to professional progression are better aligned with the changing needs of employers in the engineering contracting sector.

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