Key issues

BCECA Objectives 2020-2021

Following discussion with the Council, the BCECA Board approved five core objectives in February 2020. These shape the development of the Association and the work of its committees and working groups into 2021 and beyond.

  1. Community


BCECA will evolve and grow. We aspire to be more representative of the stakeholders within the engineering sector in the UK and demonstrate the agility and flexibility required in a changing political, economic, social, technological and environmental landscape.


  1. Accessibility


BCECA will provide a flexible membership offer that opens new opportunities for broader involvement of stakeholders in the engineering contracting supply chain.


  1. Intelligence


BCECA will expand its issues tracking, horizon scanning and information sharing to provide better business intelligence for Members.

  1. Communication


The BCECA Board will lead on improving internal communication within the Association.  This will be underpinned by clear goal setting, achievable work programmes, enhanced tasking and task ownership for committees and working groups, and timely response to feedback.


  1. Sustainability


BCECA will develop a clear position on sustainable development and the climate emergency. This will be widely shared to provide transparent information and guidance for stakeholders.

For an informal conversation about the benefits of BCECA membership, contact our Chief Executive, Tracey Shelley, on +44 207 0918652 or email