Delivering the energy transition

Delivering the energy transition

An industry perspective

Online event – 6 October 2021 – 09:30 BST – Free Registration


Policymakers in the UK have agreed one of the world’s most ambitious decarbonisation targets. The 6th Carbon Budget agreed by parliament in June 2021 signifies a legally binding commitment to reduce CO2 emissions by almost 80% by 2035 (compared to 1990 levels).


UK government strategy requires energy-intensive industries to decarbonise while growing the economy and creating green jobs. Delivering this transformation requires significant reconfiguration of engineering supply chains and the skills base. Major changes are needed to deliver the infrastructure required for sustainable economic growth.


Delivering the energy transition is a one-day virtual conference focusing on the current circumstances, future opportunities, and challenges in the broad area of industrial decarbonisation. The programme is shaped by UK engineering contractors, consultants, and partners across the supply chain. These organisations have a key role in driving the Government’s latest carbon reduction goals from policy to reality.

Mark Stanton

Mark Stanton

Conference Chair

Project Director

Fluor Corporation

I look forward to meeting with the opinion formers, decision makers, and thought leaders who are tackling decarbonisation at the sharp end

Conference Programme


This free, online conference includes contributions from policymakers and energy majors. Starting at 09:30 GMT, the AM session will examine current circumstances and the opportunities and challenges ahead. BCECA members will present case studies highlighting recent experiences in carbon capture, offshore wind and hydrogen projects.


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Tracey Shelley

Tracey Shelley

Conference Director

BCECA Chief Executive

Join us for this free online event, which examines decarbonisation from the viewpoint of the people who will make it happen...

The PM session will evaluate the skills, standards and qualifications required to deliver the energy transition. Look out for contributions from ECITB and the young engineers from BCECA and the Energy Institute who are playing a vital role in making it happen.


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Sponsorship Opportunities


Delivering the energy transition is the first in a series of annual BCECA events. The conference will examine decarbonisation from the contractors’ perspective and offers an excellent opportunity for those companies with an interest in decarbonisation and its delivery to network and engage with engineering contractors, their clients and partners across the supply chain.



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Dr John Vickers

Dr John Vickers

BCECA Young Engineers Committee

Development Engineer

Air Products

A significant part of the programme is being designed by young engineers. It's our generation that is making decarbonisation a reality...

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BCECA is a discrete and trusted network that offers knowledge, intelligence and influence for engineering contractors and their partners. The continuing COVID uncertainty dictates that this is an entirely virtual meeting; however, the event will be delivered via a state-of-the-art online meeting platform with plentiful opportunities for discussion and networking before, during and after the conference.


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