RepBCECA Committeesorting to the Council, BCECA’s Standing Committees and Knowledge Networks provide an unbeatable opportunity for experts and specialists within engineering contracting companies to share knowledge and disseminate best practice in every aspect of their work.


These forums are broad in scope and cover a wide range of topics during their regular meetings.

Standing Committees

Design, Health, Safety & Environment

Our forum for discussion, review, development, lobbying and representation on safety and environmental matters related to design within the energy and process industries.

Engineering Managers

Our forum for the discussion and exchange of information relating to engineering matters of common interest, including promotion, recruitment and training. Provides oversight and guidance to the Process Managers’, Young Engineers’ and Information Managers’ Special Interest Groups.

HR Managers

Our forum for the interchange of information relating to employment and skills matters within the UK contracting sector.

Knowledge Networks


Assesses, discusses and updates on contractual, commercial and legal matters.

Information Managers

Develops a common framework for Information Management within the engineering contracting community.

Process Managers

Exchanges information and proposes joint action on process engineering issues which promote improve the efficiency and sustainability of BCECA members’ work.

Project Control Managers

Discussion, networking and joint action on project control matters of common interest to BCECA members.

Supply Chain Managers

Formulates joint opinion and new approaches to enable best practice across engineering contracting supply chains.

Young Engineers

Developing and delivering promotional activities and materials for the recruitment and development of the graduate community within BCECA member companies.

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