Engineering contractors provide engineering, design, procurement, project management and construction services to the process and energy industries all over the world.


Engineering contractors play a vital role in the economy.  Our member companies create and sustain over one million jobs in the UK. They support a wide range of industry sectors, including pharmaceuticals, infrastructure, energy and chemicals – from project inception, to commissioning and start up.


Our members enjoy a global reputation thanks to their unbeatable, commercial, technical and management expertise. They accounted for global revenue exceeding £150 bn in 2017 with around a fifth of the income generated in the UK, which is recognised as a centre of excellence for technical and engineering innovation.


BCECA has provided a focal point for knowledge and intelligence sharing since 1966. The association provides an essential network for the sector, thereby helping the UK maintain its position as a world centre of contracting excellence.


BCECA leads, shapes and drives discussion with decision makers in areas of direct relevance to its members, including skills supply, training, regulation and taxation.


Given the economic uncertainty created by Brexit, there has never been a more important time for the engineering contracting sector to speak with a single, collective voice. We believe that active engagement with BCECA brings knowledge, intelligence and influence.

BCECA works to advance the engineering contracting sector in the UK, find out more about our current priorities.


Towards 2026

As 2020 ended, BCECA capitalised on the opportunity presented by COVID-19 to conduct a series of virtual, horizon scanning discussions.


The Board consulted with Council and the wider membership. A detailed strategy review emerged.


Read the findings, conclusions, and options for growth in accessible e-book format here.

Air Products plant

Council agreed a new strategy statement in December 2018. The Association’s value proposition is based around three core ambitions:


1. We will lead, shape and drive discussion for the collective benefit of companies operating in the engineering contracting sector.


2. We will support the skills pipeline to secure a sustainable skills base for the engineering contracting sector.


3. We will engage within the process and energy industries to ensure that considered opinion and collective influence provides BCECA members with a stronger voice.

Find more about different aspects of BCECA’s work here:


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